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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Parent Club Needs Club Officers/El Club de Padres Necesita Oficiales para el Club

Here is the Link in Spanish:  PPC Needs Officers - Spanish

In an effort to increase participation and broaden the base of the Parent Club, the membership has voted to add more elected and appointed officers to the Parent Club Council.  We are looking for some additional parents to fill those positions.

We need volunteers/nominations for these elected positions:
Secretary: open
Latino Community Liaison: open

So far, we have nominations for these elected positions:
President: Susan Bouwer
Vice President: Beth Fitzgerald
Treasurer: Peter Mlynar
Volunteer Director: Lady Bruce Jamison

We also need volunteer officers to Chair both the Golf Tournament and La Strada for next year. These positions are appointed by the Parent Club Council, but then serve as voting members of the Council as well as chair of the event.

 Please consider joining the group and making the club run more smoothly, effectively and inclusively. To volunteer, email your name to:

 Voting begins on April 24 and runs through April 30th. You will be able to vote online and in person in the office. We will place names on the ballot for each position and also provide a space for a write-in vote.

 Please help the club by volunteering.
Look for an alert to vote coming soon by email and Connect Ed phone call!

Check Out What the PPC Officers Do

Here is a list of each officer and how they serve the Parent Club on the PPC Council:

Click on this link for Spanish: Job Descriptions - Spanish
Click on this link for English: Job Descriptions - English

• Lead Meetings
• Cause Agenda to be created and sent out before each meeting
• Interface with the School Administration
• Call and preside over planning and special meetings
• Attend PPC functions
• Be available to parents for questions and concerns
• Assure the smooth running of meetings and follow-up action on decisions

Vice President:
• Fill role of President if President is unable or unavailable to perform duties
including attendance at FONT meetings.
• Oversee and coordinate Fundraising Events (smooth interface of materials, systems, manpower and information.)
• Oversee promotional/web site materials to assure maximum benefit and up-to-date status
• Act as Advisor for Class Grade Parent Activities

• Take action minutes of all meetings where officers are present and decisions are made for the club
• Publish agenda for each regular meeting
• Publish and archive all action minutes for members
• Read and distribute correspondence to appropriate officer/member
• At direction of President or Vice President, create and send club correspondence as necessary
• Maintain and keep up to date, the club membership roster

• Keep accounting of all income and expenses of PPC
• Present State of the Budget Report at beginning of each regularly scheduled meeting
• Provide historical financial background for each funding request to facilitate decisions.
• Archive and make available all financial information upon request by PPC members
• File any financial statements required to keep PPC in good standing with FONT and governmental agencies
• Coordinate budgets and handle funds for each fundraising event

Latino Community Liaison:
• Function as the link to the PPC for parents whose first language is Spanish.
• Goal: increase participation of Spanish-speaking parents in New Tech social and school activities and to encourage more Spanish-speaking parents to take an active part in the PPC.
The Latino Community Liaison will:
• Work with PPC Officers to create an understanding of the needs and strengths of the Spanish-speaking parents.
• Assure that the Spanish-speaking parents are informed of PPC activities and opportunities.
• Translate or have translators available at PPC meetings
• Translate written documents and communications meant to inform and alert parent members.

Volunteer Director:
  Manage volunteers and help parents put in their 15 hours school-required volunteer time
• Manage the list of volunteers and respond to requests for parent participation from staff and students.
• Manage and recruit volunteers for each PPC fundraiser.
• Create awareness in student and parent body about opportunities to volunteer for PPC events
• The director is required to have a computer and to be able to email groups of parents.
(The school can provide a netbook for this position)

Fundraising Event Chair:
• The Event Chair plays an important role in Parent Club fundraising efforts. The Chair must be willing to lead, delegate and communicate. The Chair should possess good organizational and people skills as well as a drive and passion to support New Tech students and faculty.
 The Chair is responsible to:
• Understand the purpose and goals of the committee and fundraiser
• Form the working committee and recruit volunteers
• Operate within established 501(c)3 fundraising procedures
• Establish a Meeting/Communication Schedule
• Create, submit and monitor a workable Budget (approved by PPC membership)
• Maintain records of expenditures and submit proper documentation
• Organize, run, wrap up and report the event to PPC membership

Parent Club Elections!

Election of Parent Club Officers is coming up starting April 24 and ending on April 30. The voting will span 7 days in the hope that all parents will be able to find the time to vote.

Voting can be done online or by paper ballot obtained in the office. 
Look for a phone announcement and/or email with the link to your online ballot soon.

We will be electing 6 Officers:
Vice President
Volunteer Director
Latino Community Liaison

Remember: It is not too late to put your name in to run for office—we will be taking volunteers/nominations until April 22 at 5 PM.
Email your name for the ballot to: ppcp@newtechhigh.orgs

Parent Club Has Revised its By-Laws

In an effort to make the club function better and to allocate the many tasks of the Parent Club in a more efficient way, the club has added new officers to the Parent Club Council. There were various minor changes that this required in order for the document to remain cohesive. Please have a look at the document by clicking here

Yearbook Deadline Extended!

Hello parents, 

TreeRing has extended the deadline for purchasing a yearbook to April 30th. If the book is purchased after April 30th, it will be shipped to your home and shipping costs will need to be paid.

To purchase the yearbook, it must be done through TreeRing. There is no passcode. Accounts need to be created via one of the emails from TreeRing that your student should have received to their school email. There is a flyer as well as a video with more information. If you have further questions, or if you would like me to add you to your student's account in TreeRing, please let me know (

2014/2015 Internship Updates

   Friday April 11th, I held an Internship information session for juniors. Please check in with your student and make sure they know about all the changes for Internship this year!  Most importantly, Internship is now set up to be semester long, versus year long as in previous years, with a minimum length of 8 weeks, and a maximum length of 12 weeks. Your student will be participating in his or her internship for the better part of the semester.  The program works with students across the school district, and it is important that we have defined start and end dates for each student, in order to make the best use of our business partners’ time.

   Just as with employment, Internship is very much a self managed course; students need to be diligent in ensuring they are successful in Internship. This can be challenging for some students, most especially as senior year rolls around, schedules become full and motivation can wane. Please be sure to get involved in your students progress in Internship, and contact me with any questions! Students are encouraged to e-mail me to set up one on one time where we can discuss their internship needs, ask questions and set up a plan for starting their internships!

Jessica Gaul
District Program Coordinator
Internship & Naviance
Napa Valley Unified School District
920 Yount St. Napa, CA 94559
259-8557 x2102

Napa to Nicaragua!

New Tech's first-ever service-learning trip to Central America is taking place this summer! A group of 17 students has partnered with Outreach360 and will travel to a rural school that serves orphans and underprivileged children and spend a week facilitating activities. We hope this will become an annual experience for New Tech students!

Please join us in supporting the students in raising funds to make this trip possible!
  • Custom Olive Oil - $15 per 500ml bottle. Contact Emily Waters to order!
  • Tamales for Cinco de Mayo - $15 per dozen (pork/red sauce, chicken/green sauce, or green pepper/cheese). Contact Sofia Visoso to order!
  • Cycle for Sight - Saturday, April 26. Register to ride, donate, or just join the party! Be sure to "join a team" and select "Napa to Nicaragua" for this incredible community event that supports the vision-impaired, veterans and others! For more info, contact Ethan Schuler.
  • Fiesta! Enjoy delicious small bites paired with a selection of wines and beer, 4:30-6:30pm, June 7 at 1571 Silverado Trail. $30 per person or $250 for a group of 10. Reserve your spots now - space is limited! 

La Strada need your help!

Check out our new LA STRADA webpage! Artists, Sponsors & Donors can register & donate online!

Check out the LA STRADA Briefcase in ECHO!!

Parents can volunteer and complete sponsor, raffle, donor and artist forms online!
Guide to LAS Briefcase Become a Sponsor Get a Sponsor
Be a Chalk Artist
Get an Artist
Donate Art
Donate Raffle Items Suggestions for Raffles
How to Help Volunteer Sign-up List of Tasks
2012 Photos

Check out Veronica DeDone’s in-depth report on LA STRADA dell’ Arte STREET ART FESTIVAL It’s hilarious! It’s in the briefcase!

Questions about art or artists?
Call Pam 707-945-1133 or email Pam:

Questions about anything else?
Call Carolyn 425-829-9568 or email Carolyn:

La Strada Volunteer Needs & Tasks

May 3, 10AM - 4PM

How can you help? Choose a task. Email Carolyn or call 425-829-9568.
EMAIL questions to:
RECRUIT ARTISTS                         Chalk
All Parents & Students
Do a Demonstration
All Parents & Students
Do Q & A Sessions
All Parents & Students
Donate Art
All Parents & Students
Host a Booth
All Parents & Students
SPONSORS-Get them!
All Parents & Students
All Parents & Students

Artist Booths
Review applications & assign booth locations

Performing Arts Stage
Schedule Acts, Coordinate with Tech

Student Booths
Carolyn DeFur

Water-get H2O & other donations 5/3
Request donations of water & ice. Borrow ice chests, pop-up tents, walkie-talkies etc.

Need volunteers for this committee
Pamela A Reeves-LEAD

Artists – Open Studios
Take postcards to open studio participants
(need 5-10 peeps)

Banners-design and order
In production

Close Yount St

Rob Sherman

Distribute Postcards & Posters
Distribute postcards to hotels, visitors centers etc. Hang posters in community
(Need 5+)

Event Page on NT FB
Like it and share by posting on your page & invite your friends to go.
All Parents & Students

Facebook Page
Create PPC FB page

Honey Buckets
Get in-kind donation if possible
George Flora

Invite VIPs to La Strada
Send invitation via email or snail mail to NVUSD School Board, local & state politicians, town councils, chambers etc.

Liability Ins
Secure policy
Elena Piazissi

Make lists of potential sponsors for Advisory Classes
Make targeted lists of sponsors for advisory classes to pursue.

Neighborhood Liaison
Invite neighbors to attend.
George Flora

Photographer at La Strada
Take pictures of the event & art

Post on Calendars
Post La Strada on community sites

distribute posters, postcards invite
Stephanie LaMarca & Suzanne DeWit

Town Permission to Hang Banners
Find out if we can hang small event banners on lampposts

Video from Register
Get a copy of the video made for LAS 2012

Lanyards for event day choose & order)
Design & Order Event Lanyards

Ben & Jerry’s
Ask to have Ice cream cart at LAS

Secure portable wall

Event Tickets
Design & order tickets-purple with The Dude

Clink link to view Sponsor List

Artist Hospitality
All Parents & Students

Live Broadcast
All Parents & Students

All Parents & Students

Awards & Prizes
All Parents & Students

Create Art
All Parents & Students

All Parents & Students

Rainy Day Tenting
All Parents & Students

Professional Chalk Artists
All Parents & Students


Clos  Pegase



Robert Mondavi

Jessup Cellars


St Supery